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Britney’s Food Struggles

Ah, not pleasant.

British tabloids (which are not to be trusted, but we bring this to you just in case) are reporting that Ms. Spears has gained 14 pounds from going on tour in this last month, while taking a short break from her world tour.


Her dad is pissed of course, but then he seems to be pissed off from everything she does. Yea, we are Britney fans here…

The Brits are, of course, dramatizing everything. Here is what the magazine said:


“She was in tears saying they’re calling her fat again. She showed up to a meeting with a latte in her hand and everyone jumped on her. Britney’s supposed to be eating a diet of fish, chicken and vegetables. When she swaps the healthy stuff for junk, her dad gets worried”


She appears pretty much the same weight wise, but with all the blood sucking hawks surrounding her, especially her pussy ex Kevin (seriously! Get a job and stop living off your ex-wife’s!!) its no wonder she is under pressure. Food seems to be a refuge for so many…The Hot and Fit hopes she will be okay!



One response

  1. Her dad has one weird relationship with his daughter. I feel bad for her! I too, am a fan 🙂

    July 14, 2009 at 7:48 pm

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