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The Heidi Workout

HAHA! This made us laugh! A LOT!


Heidi Slutty Montag Pratt is now on the path to become a fitness expert! Yes, she is going to have her own fitness DVD where she will not only show workout tips, but guidelines on how to eat right as well.

Just a second – last time we checked, in order to do something like this, you needed some qualifications. Did the girl even graduate high school?

Well, she seems to think she is totally up for it:

"Staying fit is something I’m really passionate about. I work out with a strength-and-conditioning coach 90 minutes a day, five days a week."

At least there is going to be some sort of professional expertise in this DVD: her trainer, Chad Waterbury, is going to be working along with her.

Funny thing is, he says she Heidi “has a really healthy appetite.  There’s no way she is going to deprive herself.”

Oh, and he adds that she avoids all “white” foods and fills up instead on lean meats including grass-fed beef , green vegetables, apples and berries.

Yea, I am sure this picture represents her healthy appetite:


The Hot and Fit Says:

We said it all above. BUT…

All we can say is that Heidi is hot, but isn’t she like, totally and completely plastic? And that pussy of a husband she has makes us roll our eyes excessively.

We will try the workout when it comes out. So that we can bitch some more about her. Or who knows, maybe she will impress us! Considering her awful career skills such as acting (horrible) and singing (even worse), maybe training others is her call!


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