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Katherine Heigl for Fitness First Magazine

Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigel are on the July/August issue of Fitness First Magazine. Yeah, we didn’t know what it was, so we checked and its Australian.


So here are the highlights of what Katherine said about body image, fitness, you know, our usual obsessions:

“I don’t have a lot of discipline.  If I wasn’t in this industry I wouldn’t workout.  But I have hips and a butt and everything that goes along with that, including cellulite, so I do the best I can.When people say, ‘You have a real body’ to me, I’m like, ‘Is that a backhanded compliment?’”

On other celebrities:

“Kate Winslet has a fantastic body, period.  it’s far more my taste than, say, Nicole Richie’s.  You don’t have to look like that to be fashionable or hot.  I don’t condone obesity but I don’t think we all need to to be a f**king size two.  It’s a ridiculous goal.”

On eating:

“You know what’s important?  Living well and not being consumed with eating boring salads that you hate; eat brie, and have a glass of red wine!  Everybody has different body types, and I’m sick of this thing where we should all be little clones of one another.”

The Hot and Fit says:

Of course we adore Katherine; she has an amazing body, and although we feel like she smokes too much, we cannot deny she looks good. She is also married to a great musician and she is disses Nicole Richie! Seriously, the latter is so right though. Nicole Richie is GROSS and is the most awful example of healthy celebrity. And she is ugly. Seriously needs to do something with her face. Unlike Heidi Montag, she will actually benefit from plastic surgery!


[Source: Celebrity Diet Doctor]


One response

  1. kelly

    adore katherine heigl. saw the trailer on facebook…and cant wait to see the ugly truth! and thats a the truth

    July 10, 2009 at 9:16 pm

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