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Gabrielle Reece: The Best Abs and Core Moves Part 2

So here is the continuation of our Part 1 (from yesterday, head over there now if you missed it!)

Oh, and we should mention that Gabby does not specify how many reps and sets should be performed. So since we have tried these, we will indicate how many we have done.

Good Old-Fashioned Sit-up

Lie on ground, and slide feet flat on the floor until your knees are bent. Place palms of hands under your head for support. Contract stomach and gently lift head and torso up, pause, and lower back down slowly.

Tip: Do not pull your head up (strains the neck), and only go up as safely as your tummy can bring you. To make it easier, straighten out your legs.

Get Hot and Fit: 1 set of 50 reps
Leg Raises

(or Supported Leg Raises)
Lie flat on the ground, place hands out to your sides, tighten your stomach and raise legs up to vertical. Hold for 1 second then lower back down using your stomach muscles to control the speed. To support your back, slide your hands under your glutes.

Tip: Control your tempo and if you can only do 3 the first day, great. Good form and safety are key. These are wonderful for your lower belly.

Get Hot and Fit: 3 sets of 25 reps

On-side Oblique Crunch

Lay on your side with knees bent, arm closest to the floor straight out in front of you and your other arm behind your head. Curl your upper body up toward your feet while raising legs. Lower to start and repeat. Activate the move with the idea that you are trying to squeeze your ribs to your hips.

Tip: After the other moves this will feel like a gift. Make sure to squeeze your oblique (side tummy area) and DO NOT jerk your neck or head.

Get Hot and Fit: 1 set of 50 reps per side
Straight Arm Overhead Bend

Stand with arms straight over your head, slowly lean to one side contracting your abs. Hold for a few seconds. Stretch up to the start, and then bend toward the other side. Repeat.

Tip: This move is about keeping the length in the body. Take your time, and breath through this exercise. Think about lengthening your waist from both sides as you bend over.

Get Hot and Fit: 1 set of 50 reps (25 per side)
1 Leg Touch Crunch

Lie on ground, raise one leg straight up towards ceiling. Clasp hands together and reach up, pulsing up towards feet. Lower back down slowly and repeat.

Tip: Fight the urge to pull your head and neck. Concentrate on great form and just reach towards your feet, using your stomach muscles, as high as you can.

Get Hot and Fit: 3 sets of 25 reps per leg
Open Leg Pulse

Lie on ground, bring legs in so feet touch each other flat, knees out to the side. Clasp hands together straight over your stomach, lift head slightly and pulse hands towards feet. Try to make your head, neck and belly all move as one towards the wall.

Tip: Give your abs nice, controlled squeezes and and lower yourself under control. This way you will be working the muscle from top to bottom of the move and strengthening your neck as well.

Get Hot and Fit: 3 set of 25 reps
Swivel Heel Touch

Lie on ground, feet flat on the floor. Lift head and torso off the ground and swivel side to side with straight arms touching each heel. As you touch your heals from side to side think about being as long in your body as you can and then folding over to reach. Squeeze those oblique’s and continue to be diligent about your neck. 

Tip: Our heads are heavy so by the time you get here you neck will be a little fatigued. A great trick someone showed me was to push your tongue to the roof of your mouth before beginning the exercise and it will activate your neck muscles to help support your head.

Get Hot and Fit: 1 set of 50 reps

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