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Gabrielle Reece: The Best Abs and Core Moves Ever Part 1

We recently discovered that gorgeous Gabby Reece writes for Yahoo! Health and for her site The Honeyline. So we checked it our and loved it and thus we bring to you Part I of her Best Abs and Core Moves Ever!

Check is out here

Standing Ballet Side Crunch (with or without weight)

Stand with arms up away from your hips, slide one leg out to the side, slowly raise the leg until your knee is at your hip, lower back down and repeat. Squeeze your belly at the top of the move.

g1 Tip: Add a weight to the opposite arm to work your shoulders as well. This move forces you to balance while in motion, and it works your glutes at the same time.

Get Hot and Fit: 1 set of 25 reps per side
Standing Knee Front Crunch with Weight

Stand with one arm to the side holding a small weight and one arm straight out in front. Raise the knee that is in front of straight arm and contract your stomach. Repeat for desired repetitions, then switch legs. Modify by only lifting your knee as high as you can.

 g2 Tip: Stay in control and don’t rush the move up and down for maximum benefit.

Get Hot and Fit: 1 set of 25 reps per side
Standing Elbow to Knee Crunch

Stand with one arm behind your head, raise the opposite leg and try to touch elbow to knee. Return to beginning position and repeat with opposite arm and leg. This crunch is great for balance!

Tip: Make sure you don’t pull on your neck and head, but fold and squeeze from your belly.

Get Hot and Fit: 2 set of 20 reps per side

Place hands and feet flat on the floor with your butt in the air. Slowly lift one leg off the floor until you are in a straight line. Lower that same leg bringing your knee in to touch your elbow; bring foot back to original position and repeat move with opposite leg. Modify by only bringing your knee partially in.

Tip: Stretch through the first move like a yoga exercise, then rock forward and bring your knee to your elbow using your core; extend back out pushing through your hands and squeezing your butt.

Get Hot and Fit: Hold each pose for 30 seconds


Lay face down on the floor, resting on your forearms and toes. Raise your torso off the ground, hands should be clasped in a fist position and back flat. Slowly raise one leg off the ground until you are in straight line. Lower back down and switch legs. To modify this move simply bring knees to the ground and rest on your shins.

Tip: Do this one for time rather than reps. Start out holding it for 15 seconds and see if you can work up to a minute. Make sure to keep your spine angle straight (head, neck, and lower back), and don’t let your lower back sag.

Get Hot and Fit: hold each pose for 30 seconds

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