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Josh Duhamel Does Men’s Health

…and we wonder why the editors decided to keep his shirt on for the cover!

So here is Saturday’s manjoyment for ya’ll.


Josh On Reaching A Pivotal Place In His Career

“It’s starting to happen. It’s been 12 years. And I feel like I’m finally starting to get looks at some of the things I’ve always wanted to do,” Josh says. “I have a lot more flexibility I can show. That’s what makes it fun. That’s why I love this business. I don’t want to do things just to prove to people ‘Look how dark I can be.’ It’s about the story. It has to be a good story.”

Josh On Starting A Family With Wife Fergie

 “I want to do good work, but having kids and a life outside of that is important. If you don’t have anybody around who loves you, then what’s it all for? You’re just lonely in the end,” the actor explains. “It’s all about whatever enriches you. If you decide to go the domestic route and get married and all those things, it makes you a better actor.”

Josh On Living With The Paparazzi

“We try to stay away from the places where the paparazzi hang. Still, they’re outside the house every morning.”

Yes, we do recall the incident with Perez!




[source: Pop Crunch]

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