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Cheryl Cole and her latest splurge

Before proceeding, allow us to make this clear: Cheryl Cole is not liked by us. She is kind of hypocritical. As we recall, bitched for years about how she would divorce her husband Ashely if he ever cheated and took him back when he did none-the-less. Yes, we know its all about the money, but at least be woman enough to admit it, not a cheap fame-whore.

Anyhow, she recently purchased the Hypoxi Trainer S120 which costs $56,000 which creates a pressurized environment to reduce inches and cellulite while the user sits inside cycling while wearing a vacuum suit.

First of all, we have to say, if this is how much Cheryl Cole has to spend at the age of 25 to look like that, well, we may have no hope in the cellulite area.

According to sources, Cheryl decided to buy the equipment when she saw that Dannii Minogue (one of the X Factor co-judges and sister of Kylie Minogue) was very thin, and she didn’t want to look fat while sitting next to her during filming.

Yes, we know its the tabloids, but it fits our image of Cheryl.

The makers of the Hypoxi Trainer S120 claim that six weeks at three sessions per week on the equipment is equivalent to six months of gym workouts.  The company states,

“While you gently pedal, the vacuum sucks the blood flow into your lower regions, which concentrates the breakdown of fat in those areas.  The low pressure transports the blood into the fatty tissue of legs and buttocks, enriching the blood with fatty acids.  The release pressure phase then allows the fat enriched blood to be transported away from the problem zone into the blood stream.  It’s like exercising at an altitude of 2000 metres, but without the strain on your heart and lungs.”

Well, if we were spending just $5,600, we would be expecting some serious Hot and Fit results. So for $56,000, we would want people to stare at us and gawk. Awed and all.


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