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Megan Fox – Transformers Workout Plan

Although we are not huge fans of Megan Fox (she is such an Angie-wanna-be), we cannot ignore the hype around her. After all, our sister site posts about her almost on a daily basis.

Furthermore, we cannot deny that she looks so damn good.


So we did some nosing around and tried to learn what her workout plan is like. Of course, in a true celebrity-like-fashion the details are vague and very limited. Why should they want us to know exactly what they do? It may make us think they are on the verge of an eating disorder. Here is what we got:

Like many others, Megan does time-compressed workouts. So that means 30-40 minutes tops, incorporating cardio and strength training. Also, she relies heavily on her own body weight for these workouts.

She does:

  • The Plank – of course, the good old plank. We have learned ourselves that this is one of the most effective core exercise. Your abs will show if you plank!
  • Ab circuit – 15 to 20 minutes doing knee ups, leg swings and ball leg lifts. This has to be done in intervals too. So, one would do 3-4 different exercises back-to-back, rest 30-60 seconds, then do it again. Repeat for 15-20 minutes. We have to admit we will suffer. Greatly. But are going to try.
  • Stationary bike – you know, old school kind. Hot and Fit Megan would spend 30 minutes cycling at a low intensity, taking advantage of the fact that her heart rate is already fairly high
The Hot and Fit Says:
  • We like the reliance on body weight – it means you can do the workout anywhere, sans equipment
  • The time compression is so popular we may reconsider our cardio addiction. Yea, right. Who are we kidding? The Hot and Fit are Cardio Whores!
  • Strength and then cardio? We like it the other way round. Of course, we will always vary our workouts and thus there will be days where we do strengths first, but we like to do cardio first, strength training second.
  • To support our opinion, we will let you know that when we do most of our abdominal exercises our heart rate is at its lowest (100-120 BPM). Therefore, it would not count as interval training for us!

Check us out later for her diet plan!


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  2. – Megan Fox is definitely one of the most beautiful and sexiest woman ever to roam this planet, she is totally hot –

    July 1, 2009 at 5:47 pm

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