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Formula 1 Workout

Andy Blow, head coach at the Porsche Human Performance Centre and Mark Webber’s fitness trainer, shared with ShortList what is the typical workout a driver has to go through and why.

Us at The Hot and Fit heart cars and Porsche in particular, and therefore we were thrilled to find out the following:

To drive an F1 car at high speed for two hours non-stop requires a very high level of muscular endurance and core strength. As a matter of fact, Formula 1 drivers are amongst the fittest sportspersons around. He says the key area to work on is the core, from the waist up to the neck. A strong core helps to prevent injury during crashes. A strong neck is vital to withstand the G-force pressures when cornering at high speed, and accelerating and braking quickly.

The Workout

There are three core exercises, in addition to low impact endurance training. The low impact endurance training is to prepare the body for 120 minutes of torturous driving. For this, drivers generally either run or cycle. The runners cover about 10 miles per day. Cycling places less stress one the joints, and cyclists may cycle over 30 miles per day. Check this out: Mark Webber’s coach claims that Mark could compete professionally if he was to stop F1.

Three Core Exercises:

1. Swiss Ball Push Ups

This is one of the best core strength exercises. Having your feet balanced on a Swiss ball while doing push ups ensures that you engage all supporting muscles. It is the equivalent of doing free weight bench presses.

2. Swiss-ball balancing

Sounds simple enough. Sit on a Swiss ball, and then lift one foot up. You engage hip and lower back muscles to remain seated. Pushing your forehead against a partners palm also builds neck muscles, and teaches your body to keep muscles engaged without over tensing.

3. Over-arm pull ups

The classic back and forearm strength builder. The main purpose of this is to build a strong grip. Two hours gripping a F1 steering wheel quickly starts to burn without proper preparation.





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