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The Hot and Fit on: Airplane Food

The summer months are already rolling in and this often means TRAVELLING.

It certainly means boarding one or two flights for us here at The Hot and Fit. Thank God none of them last longer than four hours! All the same, the commuting, check in(s) and check out(s), and the whole airport + flight experience is quite stressful and exhausting.

One important thing to bear in mind when you are flying is what are you going to eat? Oftentimes your flight will cover one of your meal hours, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sometimes it may even be two!

The airport itself does not always offer many healthy options…ever encountered these food court restaurants whilst walking around the duty-free?


Yea, so have we. Especially our old friend McD!

Airline companies have recently started offering healthy options for travelers, some at a cost and others for free. Besides, many offer vegan and vegetarian options too. But unfortunately, The Hot and Fit had had to learn on its own belly how one must not always trust airline companies when it comes to food.

We’ve seen this on Air France:

And these snacks and drinks on a flight to Kauai, Hawaii:

So here are the best tips on preparing your foods for the flying experience. Because not doing your homework can cost a lot of calories

Before heading to the airport

  • Check out the food options online for both the airport (food court restaurants) and your flight (often presented at your flight’s web page). See if there is anything you would pick and perhaps try to combine it with something you could bring from home
  • Call your airline company and ask whether they can provide an alternative, healthier snack and/or meal. Be careful when they say YES! Because their perception of healthy can be very different from yours. We can recall countless of times when we were offered “Healthy Granola Bars” which were loaded with sugar and calories
  • Plan ahead = Bring your own: prepare your “gear” before heading out of your house. Make sure you have enough to keep you satisfied and pack an extra few snacks for emergency

At the airport

  • If the food court and its restaurants are tempting you, take a walk far, far away from them. Out of sight = out of mind
  • Bring a book with you from home, or watch a movie on your iPhone. Celebrity magazines tend to keep us pretty occupied, too
  • Go to the gym: this is a little extreme we realise but that’s our style here at The Hot and Fit. Some airports have gyms in them and for a decent price you can get a good workout before your flight

On your flight

  • Drink, drink, drink! Dehydration makes us all unpretty (or so they say) so keep asking for more water. We are diet-coke addicts here but we must point out that water is a better option
  •  Take a tour of the plane, that is, if you can. Walking around is good for your blood stream
  • And when the food comes, either refuse it if you brought your own meal, or simply reject the junk and keep the healthy goods to yourself


the hot and fit says:

Here are our recommendations for the perfect “gear”

  • Your choice of granola bars – make sure they have enough protein and fiber to keep you going for a little while
  • Sammies and/or wraps – anything you can put together which won’t go bad during your travel period. A sammie made out of 2 slices whole wheat bread, turkey breast and some lettuce + mustard is one of our favourites!
  • Fruits and veggies – cut up some cucumbers and peppers, and take some baby carrots with you. Apples and pears are excellent fruit choices
  • Cereals – put your favourite healthy, high-in-fiber, cereals in a bag. You’ll be able to get milk at the airport or on your flight

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