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The Hot and Fit on: Weight Training (Part 1)

The Benefits

Although we are strict cardio-whores here at The Hot and Fit, we have to admit serious results are often seen once we get out of our winter hibernation (yes, we go through that phase), do our cardio sessions and lift.

Weights, that is.

Lifting is not something we like too much. As a matter of fact, it seems like an awful waste of time at first, especially since running, our favourite exercise by far, makes a vast majority of our flab disappear within the first few weeks.

So what are the actual benefits of weight lifting?
  1. It will increase your metabolism – yes, this is the same stuff you hear all the time. Muscles burns more calories than fat. It does weigh more though, but you’re hotter!
  2. Especially for us women out there, it strengthens the bones.
  3. It will make you stronger and increase your muscular endurance, so your cardio sessions will be so much more effective.
  4. Helps your prevent injuries – oftentimes we are very eager to go into full-cardio-mode, but increase of speed, distance or intensity can cause injuries which take us back to where we started. No hot and definitely not fit!
  5. It will improve coordination and balance – God knows, we need that!

The Novice Weight Lifter’s How-To

  1. Warm up – this is crucial for all of us Hot and Fits! Make sure you don’t just do general stretches, but actual light cardio to get your muscles loose and limber
  2. Make the movement slow – make sure you really “feel” the lift, and don’t rush the movement due to difficulty. If it is hard for you, lower the amount of reps
  3. Breath and tuck your abs in – this way you get to work that six-pack and end up surviving the torture
  4. Stand up straight – by tucking your abs in and pulling your shoulders back

Check us out later for The Hot and Fit on: Weight Lifting (Part 2) – Sets, Reps and Equipment



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