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The Runner Stink

I am addicted to running. If you have never visited my previous blog, now may be a good time to do so.

I run every day. To that, I should add that I stink every day.

An interesting article crossed my path today (you can find it here) about us runners and how we stink worse now that weather is hotter.

To make things tough, the sweat not only traps bacteria but also remains long after you have washed your clothes with the best washing detergent you could find. So here are three tips which will help you prevent the stink:

  1. Use baking soda – pre-soak your clothes in a solution of water and a cup of baking soda. You can use the pre-soak setting on the washing machine or do it in a separate container.
  2. Try using a special detergent formulated for technical wear, such as WIN sports detergent.
  3. Shop for running clothes that will keep the stink at bay – these are a bit more expensive, and sometimes do not live up to their stink-free promises, but otherwise it is a worthy investment.
The Hot and Fit Says:
  • We like Ariel Ultra here in Europe because it smells like spring flowers and thus our run tends to smell good
  • Do put some deodrant before going for your run
  • Wash your clothes on a daily basis! This is the key! I dump my outfit into the washing machine every.single.morning.

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